Pastor & Pastor Mrs Emmanuel O. AdefoworaIt is with great joy and excitement that we welcome you to our site.

This ministry is established by God to expand His kingdom on earth and to destroy the works of the devil. We believe beyond any doubt that everyone created by God has a destiny to fulfil on earth including you; therefore we decree that you will fulfil your divine destiny in Jesus mighty name.

Once again, we welcome you to Trinity Living Church Worldwide Ministry, a place where God restore and empower Destinies for breakthroughs.

Have a wonderful time in His (God) presence in Jesus wonderful name.

Pastor & Pastor Mrs Emmanuel O. Adefowora
Senior Pastor.

Oct 2016 Prayer Points

1. Thank God for open heavens.
2. Sin is number one enemies of open heavens therefore, confess all your sins to God and ask him to forgive all your sins in the name of Jesus.
3. Wash yourself with the precious blood of Jesus.
4. Shout this loud and clear for 16 times and pray this prayer very well: My Father and my God, open my heavens continually this year in the name of Jesus.
5. I receive supernatural ability to walk under permanent open heavens in the name of Jesus
6. I decree in the name of Jesus that the God of heaven shall prosper my labour greatly this year in the name of Jesus.


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Festival of Praise



1. 2016 is a year of hard work both spiritually and physically, lazy people will suffer in 2016.
2. 2016 is a year of runner, whatsoever you want to do, do it fast.
3. 2016 will be tough but God’s elects will enjoy mercy (Rom.9:15-16, Ps.91).
4. 2016 is a year of divine help (Joel 2).
5. The master key for 2016 is MERCY.


1. Nigerians should move closer to God
2. Nigerians should pray for the President because if he dies there will be problem.